About SENSE Hemp - CBD Tinctures For Humans & Pets

​SENSE Hemp Co. Was built on a foundation honesty and integrity, with an integral passion and love of people and their animals. We source, process, and
bottle all over the United States.
SENSE Hemp is a small dedicated Los Angeles-based team of Hemp enthusiasts. Founded by in 2016 we are dedicated to providing you and your family with quality hemp-based products.
 SENSE Hemp Co. checks all of our products for their consistency and quality. After passing our quality control it is sent out to third-party lab tested to verify its cannabinoid potency.


Discover the Difference Nature Makes

SENSE Hemp 500mg CBD Drops are comprised of a complex phytocannabinoid matrix that includes CBD obtained from industrial hemp, grown in Colorado. SENSE hemp CBD is rated at 99% purity, which means it has the highest concentration of CBD currently available.

100% Sustainability

  • All SENSE CBD Isolate is made in state of the art laboratories to ensure the highest quality and consistency.

  • A non-chemical CO2 extraction process is used for extracting our CBD. Ensuring a safe solventless product.

  • All SENSE Hemp products can be traced from ‘Seed to Shelf’.

  • The SENSE Hemp Oil products are all Vegan, free of GMOs and Gluten.

  • All SENSE Hemp products are submitted to Third Party Lab Testing for Quality Assurance.

  • 100% Naturally flavored tinctures are available in Mint Chocolate, Strawberry Cheesecake, Sweet Lime, and an unflavored option.

  • Each 1oz bottle offers about 30 - 50 servings and there is also an easy-to-use dropper for ensuring the drops are absorbed quickly.

Benefits of CBD on Humans & our Pets

These days, CBD has become popular in the medical circles due to the immense benefits it can offer. The best part is that its health impacts are not just limited to their people, but can also help their pets. Let’s take a look at how CBD can work wonders for humans and their pets:


  • Potential treatment of seizures.

  • Relief from inflammation and muscle/joint pain.

  • Reduction of nausea & stomach issues.

  • Helping fight depression and other similar issues.

  • Help with anxiety & separation issues.