Mother of ill 6 Year Old Boy Claims Government to Approve Treatment with Cannabis Oil Treatment

According to Hannah Deacon, her six-year-old son is closer to receiving the go ahead for using Cannabis oil in order to treat his rare form of epilepsy. The mother from Kenilworth said that government ministers had acknowledged that they were making the request a special license on compassionate grounds for her son to be given illegal medicine. On Tuesday, Hannah and her husband had a meeting with Prime Minister Theresa May and other ministers where they pleaded for the right to use the medicine that’s currently banned in the UK. Alfie suffers from life threatening seizures and his parents want to reduce them.

A 380,000-strong petition was handed by the parents to Downing Street. They said that the meeting had been positive and now they were looking for a medical professional to write the prescription. Hannah said that they had high hopes of expediting the licensing procedure, even though it is a legal process


and it is not possible to give any guarantees beforehand. She said that they had first talked about conducting a three month trial, but had agreed to expedite it on their plea of doing this on compassionate grounds. Hannah added that since it was a legal process, a yes or no couldn’t be given, but the outlook was positive.

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Now, the family has begun discussions with doctors in regard to the next step. Hannah said that once the discussion was done, the application would be submitted quickly to the Home Office and hopefully a decision will be made in a few weeks. This groundbreaking news comes after a woman in Coventry claimed that she had used cannabis oil for curing herself of cancer. When Joy Smith was diagnosed of cancer in her bowel and stomach, doctors said that she had only six weeks to live. 




But, it is nearly two years later and she is very close to getting the all clear. She claimed that her inoperable tumor had been destroyed thanks to regular doses of THC cannabis oil and the doctors are stunned by her miraculous recovery. As for Alfie, he is said to be one of five boys in the world suffering from a rare form of epilepsy known as PCDH19. His condition can cause about 150 seizures in a month that are potentially life threatening. In September 2017, the family had moved to Netherlands to get him access to medical marijuana and they say that his symptoms had experienced improvement.


However, they ran out of money and had been forced to return home four weeks ago. Since then, Alfie has been taken to the hospital three times. His father said that hois son’s condition was worsening. He also said that steroids had led to a change in Alfie’s behavior and made him more aggressive. Mr. Dingley said that they weren’t going to give their son anything illegal and were asking for a medical grade product made in laboratory conditions and prescribed and bottled like painkillers as this could give them their little boy back.  

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