Is CBD Oil the Answer For Menstrual Cramp Relief?


Half of the human population i.e. women have to deal with menstrual cramps. Yet, if you do a survey of the market, you will realize that there are not many products available for alleviating this reoccurring pain. Women have no other choice but to suffer in silence and just wait for it to pass. Even if they exhibit any sign of irritability, the society at large just brushes it off by saying that you are just PMSing or being overly emotional as if dealing with the discomfort and pain should not have any impact on your disposition. 

Therefore, it is understandable that women are ready to try out anything you put forward in order to relieve this pain. For years, marijuana had been used by some women for dealing with PMS issues, including Queen Victoria. However, the introduction of CBD products has opened new doors for women and provided them with new methods of dealing with this monthly pain. Even though research is still ongoing, a number of women have found that CBD can reduce or at least take the edge of the torment associated with menstrual pain. Previously, THC tampons were being used for doing so, but CBD tinctures have proven to be a much better option. 
As compared to THC tampons, CBD tinctures are a lot less intimidating option for women who are trying to relieve the pain, but don’t want to use cannabis. Yes, CBD is also a cannabinoid like THC that’s obtained from the cannabis plant, it doesn’t possess any psychoactive properties. This means that taking CBD tinctures doesn’t make you high. Moreover, those who are new at using cannabis are not exactly comfortable in going for the vaginal option in the first go, which makes CBD tinctures a much better choice. 

Apart from that, these pills are also great for women who use IUD’s. This is a popular method used for birth control that can prevent menstrual bleeding, but cannot do anything about the abdominal pain and cramps that you suffer. Typically, these tinctures contain not just the cannabinoid CBD, but also an oil that will make it easier for the body to absorb CBD. A pill can be taken with water on a full stomach to get the best results. The cannabinoid is able to help in dealing with pain, whether menstrual or any other kind, because they interact with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body. 
The interaction with these receptors that are part of the endocannabinoid system can help in pain management because this system is responsible for restoring balance in the body. As these receptors are thought to exist in the cells in the uterus as well, they are able to be effective in dealing with menstrual pain. CBD also works as an anti-inflammatory, which increases its ability of reducing pain. The best part about CBD tinctures is that they are really cheap and you can buy a few to try them out. You can give them a go without experiencing any high.  

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